Setting Up Custom Nameservers


Setting Up Custom Nameservers

If you are planning to utilize your dedicated server to host multiple sites for your clients, having your own branding for the nameserver records can present a more professional look than to use the default Hostek Nameserver records. Using “vanity” nameservers you will be able to mask our nameserver IP addresses while presenting your unique name designation.

As an example, if you are using a Windows/ColdFusion dedicated server and you are providing nameserver record instructions to your client (if you are unable to modify those records on their behalf,) by default you will need to present them with & ns2.hostekcom nameservers to point to your server. Using vanity nameservers you can instead present them with & and have it point to your server.

To implement vanity nameserver records, please follow the steps below:

  1. First, you will need to setup ‘A’ records for the vanity nameservers at the domain name registrar and point these records to the IP addresses of the nameservers list in the table below.

    • A
    • A
  2. Next, you will need to register the nameservers records so that the registrar will properly handle the requests.

    Note: As every registrar is different if you are to have any issues with registering the nameservers your registrar will be able to assist you.

Nameserver Table

Nameserver IP address OS
NS1.HOSTEK.COM Shared & Dedicated Windows
NS2.HOSTEK.COM Shared & Dedicated Windows
NS3.HOSTEK.COM Shared Linux
NS4.HOSTEK.COM Shared Linux
NS5.HOSTEK.COM Legacy Shared Windows
NS6.HOSTEK.COM Legacy Shared Windows
NS7.HOSTEK.COM Dedicated Server Linux
NS8.HOSTEK.COM Dedicated Server Linux
NS9.HOSTEK.CO.UK Shared & Dedicated Windows (UK)
NS10.HOSTEK.CO.UK Shared & Dedicated Windows (UK)