Domains: Privacy Information and Consent Emails

You have recently received an email from Hostek and our partnering registrar, Tucows, requesting consent to process your data for uses related to servicing your domain. This is due to the new regulations set forth by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requiring consent regarding data collection and usage. You can view how we use your data by visiting the Data Usage Information Page provided by Tucows.

If this is regarding an existing account or domain and you decline to consent, then placeholder data will be put in place of your personal information. However, some TLD’s (Top Level Domains) will require this consent in order to continue your domain registration. To determine if your domain requires consent navigate to the Data Usage link above. At the bottom of the linked page is a list of TLD’s. One of the columns is labeled ‘Synchronous’. If it has a green checkmark, consent is optional. If it has a red X, then consent is required in order to register the domain. Examples of this are illustrated in the screenshot below.

Furthermore, the WHOIS system has undergone a change to a gated system. This means that personal contact information (name, email, etc…) will be obscured and will require a valid legal reason to release this information, and will not be available publicly.