Fighting Spam with SpamExperts E-Mail Filtering



One of the largest methods of communication in today’s world resides in e-mails being sent back and forth between different users. For businesses, it is vital that they have reliable e-mail and can focus on their business at hand and not have to worry about their e-mail inbox not working the way they are expecting.

Due to the types of spam methods continuously changing, normal e-mail spam filters do not always work. Often times we see business owners, bloggers, developers, etc… spend more and more time away from their expected business goals and instead become a dedicated spam-prevention specialist, due to the amount of spam they’re receiving in their users’ inbox(es).

While there are ways to fight spam by setting up content filters (Windows | cPanel) this becomes more like a full-time job due to the continuously changing methods of sending spam. It’s not recommended to continuously add more and more filters (to filter out keywords in message body/subject) and instead, we recommend looking at an enterprise solution.

This is where SpamExperts come in. SpamExperts is an advanced email filtering service that scans and filters your incoming email for spam, viruses, phishing, and other email-related attacks by spammers with a 99.8% accuracy and a near 0% chance of false positives on legit e-mail. SpamExperts is specifically designed to avoid false positives and has built-in training available so it can continually learn and evolve to know what is legit and how to protect you from new spamming techniques and threats.

How Does it Work?

SpamExperts is an advanced e-mail filtering service, but how does it get setup and configured to protect your domain’s email?

Normally if you were to host your domains e-mails on a mail server you’d create a record for ‘’ and point that hostname to the IP of the mail server your domain is going to be hosting its mail on… then you’d update your MX Records to point to that same ‘’ address.

In the case of using SpamExperts you’d change your MX records to point to the following:

Record Host Data Priority TTL
MX 10 14400
MX 20 14400
MX 30 14400

Since you’d then have your domain’s e-mail hosted behind SpamExperts all e-mail will then be filtered through SpamExperts. Once the e-mails have been filtered then all legitimate e-mail will then be sent to the Destination IP Address that is configured on a per-domain basis. This destination IP Address would be configured to send back to the mail server that your e-mail is hosted on

In other words, SpamExperts is a middle-man. For example, normally e-mail would be sent from the source server directly to the destination server:

Example: Source Server -> Destination Server

However, with SpamExperts enabled your email would be sent from the source server to SpamExperts servers and then from SpamExperts servers to the destination server

Example: Source Server -> SpamExperts Servers -> Destination Sever

What Happens to Email Marked as Spam by SpamExperts?

When an e-mail is marked as spam by SpamExperts the e-mail will either be bounced back to the sending server to be re-spooled and attempted again, or the e-mail will be quarantined within SpamExperts. The e-mails will remain in the quarantine for up to 14 days unless removed manually by the user via the user dashboard.

Each domain has the ability to access the user dashboard which will allow easy management of the quarantine, spam settings, logs, etc.

If an e-mail is marked as spam by mistake, then you can easily release the e-mail from the quarantine and it will attempt delivery to the destination address as well as train the system to know that the e-mails you’ve released were legitimate… so that it will not quarantine e-mails of that nature again going forward.

Ordering SpamExperts

Luckily, SpamExperts is an available product for all of our hosting packages (including Windows & Linux/cPanel OS). This can be ordered through the product add-on section of your billing control panel. We have an article on ordering add-on products if you need guidance on this process.

Note: When ordering the add-on please add a note to the order for which domain the add-on product is for if you are a Reseller or have a Dedicated server with many domains under the account.

Currently, the cost for this add-on is $5.00 /month for our US-based customers and £3.75 for UK-based customers.