Transfering Service To Another Billing Account

Transfer Service To Another Billing Account

Sometimes there is the need to consolidate products into a single or another account. For us to process these requests we will need verification from both accounts. The old one and the new one. This is to ensure that both parties are aware of the consolidation and authorize the action.

All account ownership changes have to be done through our ticketing system ( not via chat, or phones ). This change is also only going to be performed by our administrative staff so please be patient with this request.

  1. Create a ticket by using our ticketing system interface here. The required information in this ticket is below:

    • The service(s) or domain registration(s) that need to be moved over to the new account.
    • E-mail on file for the current account the service(s) are under.
    • Security question answer for the current account the service(s) are under.
    • E-mail on file for the new account the service(s) should be moved to.
      • Note: If they haven’t yet signed up for an account please have them create a new account at
    • Security question answer for the account the service(s) are needing to be moved over to.
      • Note: In most cases the old account owner can’t know the answer to the new account security question, so please have them (the new account owner) create a ticket with us providing the answer to their account security question and referencing the account migration that you are performing.
  2. Our support team will then get this account transfer request into the hands of an administrator that can perform this task and we’ll respond to your request once this has been completed.

Once the ticket has been submitted, our team will request to have the verification of both parties. When the verification is provided, they will process the product move to the new billing account.