What is a Premium Domain

Premium domains offered by some TLD’s can be short character names or common names that they believe will demand a higher value. With the common .com, .org, and .net names taken already, when a new TLD is released, the owner of that new TLD extension can determine to mark certain domains as Premium Domains.

Premium domains may also be domains that are already registered and owned by someone. These domains are listed through aftermarket partners and their prices are set by the current owners of the domains. Once purchased, an aftermarket premium domain is transferred to the new registrant and from that point onwards it is dealt with as a regular domain. A commission is then paid to the reseller on aftermarket premium domain purchases.

As the price of a premium domain is set by the current owner if you are interested in purchasing a premium domain please contact support with the premium domain you wish to register and we will provide you with the current registration price of the domain.