Bulk Mail Packages for Sending Large Amounts of Email



What is included in each hosting package?

Email is a very important part of almost every business and, with some companies, email is a vital part of marketing campaigns, policy changes notifications, event coordination, etc…

We take this into consideration and allow each domain on our shared server environment to send up to 25,000 e-mails included in their base package. On a dedicated server environment, we do not restrict the number of e-mails that you send from your own server as this is completely configurable to your needs.

On top of the shared hosting monthly limit of 25,000 e-mails we also restrict each domain to only be able to send 100 e-mails per hour. This is designed to help prevent the e-mail spool on our shared servers from becoming overwhelmed and cause delivery delays for other customers on the same shared mail server.

If you wish to remove these limits (of both monthly and hourly limits) then you can purchase your own dedicated mail solution or you can order an add-on for bulk mail, as we’ll detail in the below section. If interested in a dedicated mail solution then skip down to the last section of this article on choosing a dedicated server solution for your e-mail.

What package add-ons are available?

The above section laid out the limits in place on our shared hosting environment for sending e-mails. Below, we will discuss the different add-ons available for e-mail that will allow you to send more e-mail for your domain.

To do this, we’ll provide the different levels of options in the table below:

Emails Per Month Equals Pricing
#1 - 25,000 = $10 / month
#25,001 - 50,000 = $20 / month
#50,001 - 100,000 = $35 / month
#100,001 - 200,000 = $50 / month
#200,001 - 400,000 = $75 / month
#400,001 - 750,000 = $90 / month
#750,001 - 1,000,000 = $110 / month
#1,000,001 + = Contact Sales

Note: You’ll notice there is an add-on for 1-25,000 emails even though 25,000 emails are included in the normal shared hosting packages. This add-on is available for those that wish to either bypass the hourly limit set on our shared mail servers.

It is also worth noting that if you’re sending a huge amount of e-mails, whether through a single or multiple domains on your account, then it may be worth upgrading to your own dedicated server solution instead of a bulk mail package, as the more e-mails you send the cheaper it might be to just have your own dedicated mail server.

How does it work?


We have several ‘Bulk Mail’ servers setup with SmarterMail (mail application hosted on windows environment). When you order the bulk mail add-on(s) then your domain will be set up on one of our bulk mail servers.

You will have access to the SmarterMail interface directly, as well as you can setup your e-mail bulk user with different e-mail applications such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.

How many e-mail users included?

Each bulk mail package only allows one single user to exist and send mail through. The user you want setup is completely decided by you. The rest of your e-mail users will continue to send from the mail server your domain has been pointing to, such as one of our shared e-mail servers. If you need more than one user set up on the bulk mail server then an additional add-on for that user will need to be ordered.

Dedicated IP:

Each domain on our bulk mail server is allocated its own dedicated IP Address for sending e-mail so that any e-mails, mailing list, etc. that are sent from users on the bulk mail package are not interrupted by blacklist caused by other users. If the IP Address does become blacklisted, then it would be due to your recipients marking your e-mails as spam… as only your domain would be sending from this server IP.

How to Order:

If you wish to order the bulk mail add-on then simply click here. On the checkout page, you can select the drop-down for which level (how many e-mails per month you want to send) you wish to order.

Once ordered our team will begin setting up the domain on one of our bulk mail servers and will provide the connection information (Hostname, Username, & Password) which you can use to connect via the interface itself… or via an e-mail application like Outlook or Thunderbird.

What is BulkMail NOT Used For?

The Bulk Mail packages fall under the same content restrictions as all of our other servers (shared & dedicated alike), whereas we do NOT allow the use of our services for sending spam. We also do not allow the use of sending large mailing list that has been bought (such as purchasing a list of e-mail addresses to send to). This would fall under the classification of spam.

All mailing list that is sent out must follow the below requirements:

  • Users must have opted into the mailing list. Such as via your website subscribe form. Recommended using double opt-in, which SmarterMail has built-in options for within the mailing list settings.

  • Each Mailing List must have an unsubscribe feature, such as a link that automatically unsubscribes the user once they click this link. The unsubscribe feature must be visible (not hidden with style sheets) and allow an easy automatic unsubscribe.

Alternative Option: Dedicated Solution

In some cases, it makes more sense to purchase your own dedicated server. In these cases, we highly recommend evaluating your specific needs and get the most performance and functionality that you and your business deserves.

If a bulk mail package starts becoming too expensive… then a dedicated server solution may take care of your needs & be a little cheaper. In the same time… you can speed up your actual website performance by having your own dedicated server if you go the route of purchasing a dedicated web server that can host both your e-mail and your websites & databases.

Having your own dedicated server solution means:

  • Full RDP or SSH access.

  • No limits for sending e-mail.

  • Add as many sites as needed to your server.

  • Only your sites… meaning server IP reputation will not be affected by other sites.

  • Email spool completely dedicated to you… meaning faster delivery possibilities.

  • Full access to server logs for e-mail troubleshooting.

There are many more bonuses/perks of having your own dedicated server solution. The above are some of the most important to site owners.

If interested in our dedicated server solutions for both your website & e-mail you can review our dedicated server packages at our main sites: https://hostek.com & https://hostek.co.uk

You can also schedule a consultation with our dedicated server sales engineers to find the best server solution for your company.