Hostek Spam Policy


We have a strict NO SPAM policy. Any account that ignores this policy and sends SPAM regardless is subject to immediate termination. You can use the guidelines below to avoid this:

  1. Do NOT buy an email list. These email addresses did not opt into marketing emails from 3rd parties. In some cases, these lists are acquired in less than ethical means.

  2. Do NOT send emails to a list that was already purchased.

  3. Do NOT send marketing or bulk email messages to addresses that have not opted in or agreed to receive marketing emails from your domain.

  4. Do not be fooled by web sites that claim they can send your emails to “clean” lists, or opt-in lists. These are not acceptable.

  5. If you are sending messages through your website in an amount less than 10,000 per month, please send using rather than your typical SmarterMail account. This will send messages using mail services designed to handle these volumes of mail.

  6. If you are sending out a mailing list from your computer using a mail client, you can sign up for our bulk mail offerings (see below), which will provide access to a server dedicated for sending bulk mailings.

Please Notes: Generally, double-opt-in lists are acceptable if they are able to provide you proof of the double opt-in, including date, time and the IP the subscriber used to complete the double opt-in.

Bulk Mail

If you are on a shared hosting server but have a large bulk mail needs, we do offer specialized Bulk Mail packages. The link below will provide additional information on these options.