How To Convert .htaccess To web.config Rules In IIS

How To Convert .htaccess To web.config Rules In IIS

While some IIS environments will make use of the ISAPI rewrite module to allow the web server to parse a .htaccess and implement the rewrite rules accordingly, other environments will need to make use of the URL Rewrite functionality to import rule from a .htaccess file. You may need to convert a .htaccess if you have migrated from a Linux based hosting environment to a Windows hosting environment that does not have the ISAPI plugin for IIS.

To import your .htaccess rules, please follow the steps below:

  1. Access your Windows VPS using RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)

  2. Open the IIS application, and select the desired site from the directory tree.


  3. Next, locate and select the URL Rewrite tool in the IIS category.

  4. Now, locate the import rules functionality in the “Action” pane on the left-hand side.


  5. There are two ways in which you can import these rules.

    • You can use the Configuration File field to import the rules from a file using the browse button.
    • You can manually type/paste the rules into the Rewrite rules: field.

  6. The resulting web.config rule will be displayed in the Converted Rules field.

    Note: you can adjust the view of the Converted Rules using the Tree View and XML View tabs.

  7. Finally, copy the results and paste them into your web.config file within the appropriate tags.