Manage credit card on account


In this topic we will show how to manage the credit card on file on an account. We assume you are already logged into your billing area… however if not then that is not a problem as you can easily login by following our topic on logging into your billing control panel.

We are currently working on a video tutorial on this topic, however for now you can scroll down and view the step by step instructions:

Manage credit card on file

  1. You will first need to login to the billing control panel: The URL to the billing control panel can be found below:

    U.S. Billing Account:

    U.K. Billing Account:

    If needed you can view the topics for logging into the billing area or recovering the password to the billing area.

  1. In the far-right of the navigation menu, click the “Hello, [name]!” drop-down, then click “Manage Credit Card”.

    Note: [name] will be replaced by the first name of the account owner.


  1. If you already have a credit card on file then you should see a preview of that card, which will consist of the type of card, last 4 digits of the card, and the expiration date.


  1. Underneath the image of the existing credit card on file you can enter a new credit card to be on file.

    Note: You can only have a single card on file for the account. So if you add a new card, it will overwrite the existing credit card on file.


    Note: Having a credit card on file is great for convenience, as you won’t have to enter in the credit card number each time you place an order, as well as future invoices on the account will be able to automatically be paid with this card. Note that future orders using this card will still require you to enter the CVV/CVC2 number during the new order.

  1. Your card on file should be updated now. The billing control panel should now show the new card to verify that your changes were made correctly.