Requesting Withdrawal From Affiliate Balance


Requesting Withdrawal From Affiliate Balance

After you have accrued enough in affiliate commissions, you can submit a request to withdraw your earnings from your affiliate balance.

To submit a withdrawal request, please follow the step below:

  1. Login to your Billing Control Panel.

  2. Once you have accessed your Billing account, navigate to and select the “Affiliates” menu option.


  3. After selecting the “Affiliates” menu option, you will be loaded into your Affiliate account where you can view your balance, clicks, signups, and conversions statistics.


  4. Directly beneath your balance, you will see the red “Request Withdrawal” button. Select this button once you have more than $100 in your balance.

  5. For the first withdrawal, We will need you to verify some information and have you submit forms depending on where you live.

  6. Next, you will need to submit a ticket to our billing team, which will need to include the method in which you are to receive your earnings.

    • applied as a credit to your account
    • paid via PayPal (if so, what email address)
    • sent via check