Logging into billing control panel

This post will show how to login to your billing control panel. We assume you already have a billing control panel registered… however if not then that is not a problem as you can easily get registered by following the steps in the account creation post.

If you find yourself needing to reset the password to your billing control panel then please refer to our post on recovering your billing control panel password.

  1. Let’s start by browsing to the location of the billing control panel:

    U.S. Billing Account: https://cp.hostek.com/
    U.K. Billing Account: https://cp.hostek.co.uk/

    You should be greeted by a login form.


  2. Now enter in the login form the email address and password you used when you signed up. When you signed up you should have received an email with the subject “Welcome”. That message should contain the email address and password you initially set up.

    Note: If you changed your password after receiving this email, then you’ll need to use the newly created password.


  1. You can check the box next to “Remember Me” if you want to store a cookie in your browser for future access to the billing panel. This will allow you to stay logged in as long as the cookie is valid.

  2. Click the “Login” button once you’ve entered the correct email address and password. You should now be successfully logged into your billing control panel.

    Reminder: Visit our Billing Account category page for instructions on how to use any of the features provided within your billing control panel once logged in.