Update account information - Client Area


In this topic we will show how to update your account information. We assume you are already logged into your billing area… however if not then that is not a problem as you can easily login by following our topic on logging into your billing control panel.

We have provided below a video tutorial on how to create your billing control panel, however if needed you can scroll down and view our step by step instructions as well:

Updating Account Information

  1. You will first need to login to the billing control panel: The URL to the billing control panel can be found below:

    U.S. Billing Account: https://cp.hostek.com

    U.K. Billing Account: https://cp.hostek.co.uk

    If needed you can view the topics for logging into the billing area or recovering the password to the billing area.

  2. In the far-right of the navigation menu, click the “Hello, [name]!” drop-down, then click the “Edit Account Details” option.

    Note: [Name] will be replaced by the first name of the account owner.


  1. You can update your account details on file here. Change the fields that need to be updated.

    Note: If you need to update your email, then you must enter the new address in both the “Email Address” and “Confirm Email Address” fields. See the table underneath the below screenshot for reference of what each field is requesting.


    Field Description
    First Name The first name of the main contact on file.
    Last Name The last name of the main contact on file.
    Company Name (Optional) Name of the company the account is for.
    Email Address The email address of the account owner that is responsible for the account. Notices, reminders, and / or support request will be sent to this address.
    Payment Method The default payment method all invoices on the account use. The options are below:

    • Default: The payment option for each invoice will be based on what the customer chooses upon placing the order that invoice is attached to, such as Paypal or Credit Card.

    • Credit Card: The payment option for all invoices on the account will be processed with the credit card on file.

    • Paypal: The payment option for all invoices on the account will be processed with a Paypal subscription.
    Default Billing Contact The contact used for sending invoices, payment notifications, and any other automated messages from the billing system. In order to change this you’ll first need to create a new contact.
    Referer ( Optional ) The referer that brought you to our company, such as one of our affiliates.
    Confirm Email Address Re-enter your email address ( if changed ) to verify the correct spelling of the email address on file for the account.
    How did you hear about us? ( Optional ) How you heard about Hostek, such as from an existing customer, ads, google, ect.
    Address 1 The address for the primary account owner.
    Address 2 ( Optional ) An additional address for the primary account owner.
    City The city of which the primary account owner lives.
    State/Region The State / Region of which the primary account owner lives.
    Zip Code The Zip code of the primary account owner.
    Country The Country of which the primary account owner lives.
    Phone Number The phone number that we ( Hostek ) can reach the primary account in case of emergency and / or notifications.

  1. Now review all the changes you’ve made and when satisfied click on the “Save Changes” button to save the new primary account details.


    You’re done! You should now have successfully updated your account details in your billing control panel.

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