Welcome To Our Community

On behalf of the entire Hostek staff I’d like to welcome you to our community.

The community is a staff driven knowledge-base that helps account owners and their team understand different aspects of their account, servers, or other services they may have with Hostek.

I strongly encourage you to look around and search through the available categories for topics that interest you or help you in any issue or question you may have. If you cannot find an article then we’d love to have feedback from you on what type of articles you’d like to see in the future.

Before submitting feedback on articles you’d like to see please first ensure that we don’t already have articles for what you’re suggesting… unless the feedback is on how we can improve an already existing article.

Searching Articles & Categories

To find articles use the ‘Search’ function at the top of the page… for example see the screenshot below of my search for ‘Install WordPress’.


As shown in the above search results we were able to find the article we were looking for. In other cases you may want to browse directly into a specific category. For example see the screenshot below that shows the ‘WordPerss’ sub-category under the ‘Applications’ parent category.


Note: You can also navigate into a specific category and click on the search functionality again and further refine your search results to that specific category.

Submit Feedback & Suggestions

If you still cannot find the relative article to assist you with your questions / issues then please let our documentation team know by e-mailing [email protected]. It is important to note that e-mailing this address with suggestions / feedback is very much appreciated, however this inbox is not a direct line of communication with our support staff and if you have an issue that you need our assistance with you’ll need to submit a support ticket. The above mentioned e-mail is monitored only for suggestions and feedback and is not used to respond back to any request or feedback. If our documentation team does have any questions they’d like to reach out to you regarding then they will do so.