Sucuri Dashboard - Top Display

General Information Section

Once you are logged in, at the top of the screen you will see 3 columns that provide general information about the domain and health of the domain. We will be discussing each column in detail below.

CMS Information

  1. ’Installed CMS’ - This field will display the current CMS and it’s version installed. If the CMS is out of date a warning will be displayed below the version warning you of this as well as a link to the CMS’s official website.
  2. ’Domain aliases’ - This field will display any domain aliases that are currently pointed to the primary domain.
  3. ’Blocked URLs’ - The blocked URLs field will display URLs that are blocked to public visitors. These URLs are effectively blacklisted from being accessed.

Firewall Information


  1. ’Status’ - This will display the Firewall status.
  2. ’Security Level’ - By default this field is set to High. However, if the security setting is modified it may say ‘Paranoid’. More information on this setting can be found here.
  3. ’Emergency DDOS Protection’ - By default this option is disabled. When enabled any browser without Javascript enabled will be blocked.
  4. ’Access’ - This will reflect the status of the Security setting ‘Restrict CMS Admin Access to Whitelisted IPs’. This setting prevents public access to the admin backend of your CMS.
  5. ’External IP’ - This will be the firewall’s IP address (the ip address that your dns will be pointing to).
  6. ’Internal IP’ - This field will display the IP address of the server this site’s WAF is currently pointed to.

Blacklist Providers


This field will display a list of Blacklist providers. If your site is not detected on any blacklists the link will be in green text and state that the ‘on [blacklist provider]’. If the domain is on a blacklist the text will be red. Each list item is a clickable link that will give you additional details on the reason your domain is on that specific blacklist.