Logging into your Dashboard

The Hostek Dashboard currently provides mobile-friendly access to manage your Sucuri Web Application Firewall as well as managing, replying, and creating support tickets. Additional functionality and features are planned (WCP, Billing, Monitoring, etc…) to be released at a future date.

Logging in to your Dashboard.

  1. Navigate to dashboard.hostek.com US or dashboard.hostek.co.uk UK.

  2. Input the email address and password used to login to your billing control panel (cp.hostek.com for US cp.hostek.co.uk for UK).

Beta Feedback

We value your feedback and have provided an article to assist you with providing feedback to our development team.

Beta Testers Feedback

Ticketing System

You can now manage your tickets via Hostek’s Dashboard. This provides a clean, intuitive, and mobile-friendly way to create, respond, view and close tickets.

You can find complete documentation for the Ticketing system at the link below:

Hostek Dashboard Ticketing Documentation

Sucuri Web Application Firewall & Content Delivery Network (WAF/CDN)

Sucuri provides additional security while at the same time increasing site performance and load speed. Listed below are links to our Sucuri Documentation:

Sucuri Information

Sucuri Dashboard Documentation

Please Note: As new functions are released for the dashboard, this article will be updated with links to documentation for the function.